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The Jissokan meaning 'hall of true reality' is a group of dedicated practitioners of the Chinese based (Tode Jutsu) martial traditions of the old Ryukyu Kingdom. Under the guidance of Garry Lever shinshi, the old school practises are preserved and passed on faithfully for posterity. Incorporating the detailed study of the Chinese based fighting forms (kata) of the Naha lineage traced back through Miyagi Chojun uhubushi, we train in the traditional practises of Taiso Daruma, Hojo Undo, Kakie, Bunkai/Oyo (analysis and application), Kobudo (ancient weaponry), and Kiko (intrinsic energy methods). Our methods are authentic from Okinawa and China. The techniques are not for sports or for show, they are close range, simple & effective, designed to remove the threat as quickly and efficiently as possible. Many of the methods are forbidden in MMA events and are designed to be able to be used by anybody; not only the big and strong. Such methods were tempered during times of civil war where victory and defeat was a matter of life or death.  


Students at our school have trained in Japan, Okinawa, China, and more. We are regular performers at prestigious events such as the annual Okinawa Day celebrations in Central London where we perform the cultural arts to the public and other martial arts groups.


In addition we have an exciting Lion Dance Troupe and are very proud to offer our unique Children's Okinawan Karate program for kids aged from 5 years old. Our children learn the classical martial arts of the peaceful island of Okinawa to develop well rounded kids of sound body & mind.


Our adult classes are held in a full-time traditional purpose built dojo in Brentwood Essex, meaning all the equipment needed to progress is on hand, and lessons can be catered to the circumstances. This is a luxury not afforded in hired halls. As a result we can offer various extra training and seminars in addition to our regular schedule. The Jissokan dojo is THE hub of Okinawan Martial Arts in the UK, with many of the practises being unique ONLY to this dojo. If you are looking for the 'old school' methodologies; we have it. We are the only UK branch dojo of Kayo Ong's Chi-I-Do organisation, which has a reputation renowned througout the world.


Although we are serious about our training, we are also welcoming and encouraging of beginners. We have students of various different experience levels from raw beginner to seasoned practitioner, so you can practise according to your current level and progress beyond.


If you are seeking a 'bridge to the past' and a method of developing yourself physically and mentally through the challenge of the classical martial arts without being blinded by the distractions which obscure the path for the majority, come and pay us a visit.


'Do not strike others


Do not be struck by others


This is peace without incident'


Miyagi Chojun Uhubushi




Our Instructor


Lever shinshii has over 25 years experience and has travelled the world in order to study the martial arts as deeply as possible, training in Okinawa and beyond from the following notable teachers: Kayo Ong (Chi-I-Do), Richard Barrett (Shinsokai), Hokama Tetsuhiro (Kenshikan), Kinjo Seikichi (Jundokan), Yasuda Tetsunosuke (Jundokan), and Paul Whitrod (Chow Gar Tong Long). As a result the various classes taught at the Jissokan are of a high level, with much of the curriculum not found anywhere else in the UK. 

Lever shinshii is a highly sought after teacher, successful author, monthly columnist for Ippon Magazine, and recognised worldwide for his knowledge and ability to apply the classical martial arts in a contemporary setting, having honed his skills through years of work in the security industry.


'There are now very few schools teaching genuine martial arts in the world.  The arts have been watered down to cater for the masses who are motivated by thoughts of attaining belts, titles, or quick fix techniques which fool them into believing they are capable of defending themselves from the attackers that lurk on the corner of every street (if you believe the propaganda put out by many advertisements).

Genuine martial arts are too difficult and too intimidating for the average person.  So most will follow the herd to stand in line with 30 other students in a well lit hall to practise in a safe environment where they won't be taken too far out of their comfort zone.  Such classes are mostly taught by teachers who in turn learnt in the same manner, and stopped developing at an early stage of their martial education.  This has resulted in the steady decline of ability and progression in the arts. 

Real martial arts can only be learnt through direct, personal transmission from teacher to student.  They are absorbed by means of an apprenticeship, so that they become part of your bone marrow.  If pursued correctly, martial arts will change you physically, mentally, and spiritually for the better.  It will not happen overnight, and you should be prepared for many years of hardship.

Genuine martial arts will hold up a mirror to your personality and challenge you to improve yourself through hard work and dedication.  Will you be frightened of your own reflection?’


Lever shinshii

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